PeekInToo 1.3

Veja pequenos clipes do que estiver acontecendo do mundo

Have you ever wished to be able to experience what is happening NOW in a specific location NEARBY or on the OTHER SIDE of the WORLD? Now you can! PeeKInToo is offering a completely new way to perceive and virtually witness anything that is happening around the world, almost in real-time and upon request. Take part in world’s first ANONYMOUS social-network for video exchange through mobile devices. Now, you are able to REQUEST and receive real-time Peeks (i.e. 12 seconds videos) from anyplace in the world, anonymously. -Go to your area of interest -Request a Peek and enjoy! -Just don’t forget to reply to any Peek requests near you… Always check the users density in the area that you are about to request a Peek, in order to improve your chances of an instant response. We are counting on your feedback to continuously improve the App. Please don’t hesitate to use our feedback form, within the application. You can find more information by: -Visiting -Liking us on -Following us @peekintoo